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Your reference site for all things Tarot
(Well, for a lot of them at least)

Video series:

Getting to know
the Tarot

These videos are based on an email series for those with a beginning interest in the Tarot.

The idea was to explain a bit about what the Tarot is, how it works, what we can expect of it, and so on. Each email had a suggestion or two at the end so readers could begin to get a clear picture of their own self that could then be fine-tuned.

The emails had to be short, but it then seemed like a good idea to produce an extended and expanded version of the contents. The basic points are still made, but we talk around them and go into greater depth than you can easily do in a short email.

The point is to get you into a right frame of mind to do a reading.

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articles and content

Here you will find various articles on Tarot-related questions and ideas:

  • reversed cards,
  • how to do a reading,
  • making sense of cards,
  • and so on.

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The .pdf outlining how to use the Tarot as an oracle is available on the Download page.

Video series:

Reading a past, present and future spread

This is a series of ten videos about how to read a past, present and future spread.

We look at how you can chose cards if you don’t have a deck; how to analyze the card for the past, then the card for the present, the card for the future, and then how to put them all together.

You see examples of three cards with four questions, and are shown how you can answer your own questions, following the method.

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Over the years, we have set up a number of Tarot-related sites because it would have been too complicated to include everything in the same place. We therefore spread out a bit.

At this point, it makes sense to have a mailing list so that people with different interests, or different areas of study, can be updated about what is going on.  You can subscribe through the form below.

If you have questions or suggestions for points to be dealt with, use the Contact form or email bllntr@yahoo.com.