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About Us

About this site

I have been making videos and setting up web sites for a while. The focus has so far been on creating good content – so there are videos and articles out there on how to read the Tarot, on different cards and spreads, the Fool’s journey series where we look at the Major Trumps in order and think about how the experiences each represents will add to the Fool’s understanding of life and how to live it. Etc.

Now, however, it seems sensible to create something with more structure, or with a beginning, middle and end.
There are therefore two video series at this site.

One is called Getting To Know The Tarot, and it’s about what the Tarot is and is not, and how we can be true to our real self – the one that is there when we remove the conditioning and restraints that are imposed on us as we get older. We then read better or more correctly – in part because we are more in harmony with ourselves, so everything we do is just a bit better.

The second video set – How To Read A Past, Present and Future Spread – is just that. The focus is on a particular layout, how to approach it, and how to make sense of cards. There is quite a lot of information showing how to read the pictures on cards to answer questions about love and money. You get the method, with follow-up suggestions, so you can work with any card and any question in your own time.

If you have comments or suggestions for new content, let me know via the Contact form, or email bllntr@yahoo.com.