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Getting to know the Tarot

Getting To Know The Tarot is a ten-video series that sets you up to read cards. We consider various points so we can know what we are dealing with and what we can reasonably expect of the Tarot.

This is important because there are all sorts of myths and misunderstandings about this oracle, and we want to start with a clean sheet, so to speak.

We don’t want to bring our misconceptions to the table, and impose or inflict them on the questioner.

The videos are numbered, but they can be watched in any order. There are some follow-up suggestions at the end of each video – kind of like homework that you can do or not, but it will put you in a stronger position to know and improve your own self.


1. Divination is good for you. (13 minutes 49 seconds)

2. The Tarot isn’t ridiculous because… (12 minutes 58 seconds)

3. The Tarot is you talking with yourself. (12 minutes 52 seconds)

4. The Tarot is a private matter, so we can learn about the self and others.  (13 minutes 40 seconds)

5. The Tarot answers big and small questions. (11 minutes 32 seconds)

6. When is a mistake not a mistake?  (9 minutes 29 seconds)

7. Becoming a clearer thinker.  (15 minutes 41 seconds)

8. You can be your own best guide. (12 minutes 41 seconds)

9. Making better decisions via the Tarot.  (10 minutes 25 seconds)

10. Live more fully.  (7 minutes 38 seconds)