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Here are some links for more Tarot-related material.

johns-tarot-course is the first course I put together.

I had been making Tarot videos for YouTube, but wanted to make a complete set, so to speak, with individual videos on all cards, how to get to know them, a couple of different spreads, court cards, and so on. This is not a structured series of videos; you can begin anywhere and keep going.

This course is now on-line, but the videos can be downloaded if you wish. You can get an idea of the complete contents when you visit the site.


the-tarot-training is an in-depth explanation of the Past, Present and Future spread, and includes a lot about how to make sense of cards.

The material is organized so we get into a confident and sensible frame of mind before the reading. Then there is a detailed explanation and illustration for the card that shows the past, for the card that shows the present, and for the card that shows the future.

The first seven of forty-seven videos can be viewed at the site, but the complete course is copied onto a USB drive and mailed to customers. I will be putting this course on-line, however.



We are all at different stages of understanding and expertise when it comes to the Tarot and reading cards.

The contents of this site take you from first thinking about reading cards through buying a deck, getting started and doing a reading. There is actually quite a lot to consider if we are going to read with confidence, and not have to rely on guesswork or make stuff up so we sound like we know what we’re talking about.

The point of the book is to put you in a position or point of understanding from which you can make sense of any card as an answer to any question.


the-tarot-blog is a blog. I seem to post for a while, then stop, then start again. I keep thinking that I ought to post every few days. but other, bigger projects get in the way. There is some material at the site, however, that you might enjoy.


As of today (23 November 2016) I have 178 videos on YouTube.

There are a few on reading horoscopes, and a couple on how to write an essay, but most are about reading the Tarot. If you search for John Ballantrae on YouTube, you will find a list.